Photography instead of life science imaging?

Beautiful yet technically challenging by Peter Wochnig

Brief Bio of Peter Wochnig

Peter Wochnig (61) – Ambitious enthusiastic special photographer of pictures of a different kind.

Focus: architecture & product photography (tabletop), gigapixel multi & single point street view – Equipment: Panorama head panomachine with Canon 5D, asctec octocopter for full spherical and cylindrical copter Panos with Sony Nex-7 – Profession: restaurateur and indipendent Repro photographer / lithographer, specialist in Photoshop and pt-gui. Specialist for night shots, long exposure and special challenges.

Came to photography as an 18 year old with a used Canon A1. With thirst enhancers and self-cast emulsions, photography has become a passion and a constant companion. Apprenticeship as a lithographer, founded his own reproduction company at the age of 30. Specialized on product photography, flexo & (many Aldi & dm labels) screen printing specialist, Frankfurt Book Fair prize for the best reproduction of Klett school books,.

In 2014 the business collapsed almost completely – now restaurateur and indipendent photographer.

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Samples of Peter’s works

Peter has refined various technical possibilities and implementations on the computer in such a way that he can generate completely new impressions, completely different perspectives and completely new impressions. Here are some examples:

This is a night photo of Monaco, shot from a hard-to-reach spot above the city. Peter shows us this picture when I was looking for a solution to a bare wall. The original data for the picture are:
„100mm, single point, 4-line panorama upright, Almost 180 degrees, 60 RAW shots, Had to go fast, because every minute longer it got darker – long exposure with aperture 11, every second exposure one sec. longer exposed to compensate for the darkening – each image was initially 18 seconds – gigapixel panorama“
Since it looks so incredibly warm, golden, almost Christmassy, ​​we chose the motif for our 2022 Christmas greetings instead of hanging it on the wall.

The next one is showing the „Ortenau Brücke“ at the town entrance of Lahr

Night shot Long exposure of the new LGS bridge – distorted at close range because almost 180 degrees are displayed – 24mm TSE portrait format – single point – 1 line

Some more pictures from Lahr

Panoramas are also possible from the air – also spherical or cylindrical – fully automatic Picture with asctec octocopter falcon 8 – with Sony NEX-7, 3 huge panorama from 80 m height – 17mm Sony –
Night shot long exposure old town hall Lahr – 24mm TSE – 3 rows with motor head photographed fully automatically – a 360° shot – all-round view
This type of panorama is 180 x 360 degrees – full spherical panorama with 24mm TSE Canon – photographed with a fully automatic pano camera head. Then everything is processed and a surface projection is created from a spherical image – here in the example of the Peter & Paul Church in Lahr

And here’s another specialty, house fronts next to each other without optical distortion and thus giving a perfect impression

Marktstr., Lahr, east side in above technique
This is the shop you can see at the corner house, enlarged from the picture above
This is the same area just panorama picture – What a difference!

Some last examples w/o further explanations

Lotzbeckstrasse – panorama
Cervo – near Remo (Italy) night picture single point TSE 24mm high
Cannobio – Lake Maggiore – 180° angle of view Multipoint – 3 locations, partly obstructed view by trees – 100mm 3 rows – edited in Photoshop – connections of the three perspectives edited manually – this view does not exist – trees are missingCannobio – Lago Maggiore – 180° Bildwinkel
Lake Maggiore near Stresa 100mm upright with ND filter to get the waves smooth – so calm comes into the picture

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